Pet Society Story

a big thanks to Agnes for completing my bathroom (for giving me the washing machine and princess bath tub) thanks a lot!

& to Diane for the princess rug she went all the way to the trading section to get me a princess rug... so nice of her

a good deed should never be left unsaid

my current wishlist:
coffee maker, toaster, royal dinning table, antique telephone, pink jello, any halloween items, lip lounge, graduation outfit

(the coffe maker and toaster like soooo impossible to get)


as for the title in my.. i've done a pet society story right now..
well.. this i made was really for the contest i joined so i could win some jukes so much for that the thread got deleted because the forum was making arrangements and moving things

it would be put to waste for all of my effort to do this if i wont show it.. so ill show it to you all

to raichelle - for lending me her garbage outfit

Episode 1 - A Pauper's Lesson

there was once a pauper living in pet ville. she got nothing to eat and no house to live in

she go to different houses and begs some stuffs but they just ignore her.

she begs for food but the stingy man wont give her any

so she pays a visit to a girl with a big princess house.. she was beg for stuffs again but even if the princess is nice she just ignores her to try to teach her a lesson to work hard to earn something

so the pauper slept in the park in pet ville then a policeman caught her and she was ask to go sleep somewhere else and not in the park

she saw another rich looking pet and try her best again to beg but no matter how she begs no single pet would give her anything

she was walking down the streets when something caught her attention.. a bridal clothing set. just the dress she was dreaming to have. she felt hopeless and really upset to why the world is so cruel

she gave another shot at the cafe to beg some stuffs to other pets but the pets in the cafe got annoyed by her begging so the policeman kicked her out

she feels so upset so she tried to wish something in the wishing fountain..
she slaps herself for being silly that wishes in fountains never come true.. just as she was finish saying that.. a beggar boy pet came out in the streets. they had a long talk about the beggar boy's life. He was actually rich long time ago but he got his mystery boxes addiction that put him into a long dept in the bank the beggar also told that he gained his money by working really hard

the life of the beggar became and inspiration the the pauper

she work really hard to race with other pets to gain enough coins to buy herself some food

she then work for the princess for being her dishwasher.. she stop by at other pets house to deliver newspapers so she could get 20 coins back

after 2 years later

the pauper became a princess living in her own house

she had finally bought the dress shes been craving for

and she has now a bed to sleep on

continuation ~ Episode 2 - boy meets girl

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