Mini Olympics '09 (day 2)

this day is quite boring for me.. .. laila was absent today so didnt get the chance to watch "Mirrors"" .. i dont know really why others find it scary.. it was a bit scary but not that much. i sometimes get goosebumps all over especially the part of the girl where the girl's mouth got open so wide! URK!! and when he saw something strange at the mirror but in person he can't see it.. just in the mirror

so anw we spent our time playing "Scrabble"

watching the sophomore "All-Star" (yellow) vs junior "Elite" (red) in basketball

at the end the sophomore all-star won.. all the levels run up the court and shout for victory.. somehow we senior speds prefer the sophomores rather than the juniors

My jersey - i love my jersey .. because of the crown

why 45?
totally no reason at all behind my number haha!! actually i like the numbers 13,19 or 08 but you cant have the same number if someone already have it.. so decided to make my number 45 since i know no one has that number... of all the campus i think im the only 45 hahaha

why speds?

cause we are somewhat.... crazy and jokes around a lot and i dunno what more. haha.
i had this side of me that im afraid to use it in public (ex. in philippines) they might though im a real SPED person (which im not)

and yet we all know the real meaning of "Sped"which means special education of people who are mentally retarded

the over-all results for the sports includes "best in jersey" will be announced by tomorrow.

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