New updates from pet society

- you can now put your toys in shelves (isn't it cool!)

- Big Space

new item:

Royal Dinning Table

Classic Princess dress

Antique Telephone

- the classic princess dress is like soo cute! i want one! haha.. its more like a "snow white" dress

you can get them from a GMB

buy things form cafe

the prices of the things are reasonable and affordable.. but im broke

im gonna have to wait for tomorrow to buy it - get visiting coins and wash my pet until all furrs drop

im totally BANKRUPT!

who is willing to donate... ? i really wish for a princess rug.. if you got a spare hehe

my id in the Playfish forums

- as you can see .. i am a trader.. and im SAFE!
but im not yet listed in the "safe-list" cause you have to get like 100 rep points.. and 100000 worth of things you have traded with someone

so far i have 45 rep points.. and dunno what the things im trading is worth

to be honest .. playfish forums in the best forum yet the forum that im always going and looking forward to open ive been.. its organize and flame-free.. all people there are so nice to each other.. the moment you'll sign up there you would feel really welcome

okay enough about pet society..

Noon: we headed to IKEA

theres so many cool and cute cabinets there and furnitures and stuff toys and beds and.... *i could go on forever*

the light pink computer table is sooo KAWAII!! i soooo want it.. its only SR270 here..
i should have brought my camera with me

the only thing i hate when i go there is that i could only get to see it and i could not buy it.. now im saving up some cold green leaves that you call "money"

my back is aching! *groan* ive cleaned up my room today and move the bed and some cabinet and my studying table.. *urk*

Paul Blart Mall Cop

- this movie is hilarious ... i wanna watch

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