my kitchen in pet society

ive got nothing to blog about other than pet society

i shall give you a tour to my ps house..

(includes my thanks to some people who help me make my ps house look nice)


Room 3 - Kitchen

i think im the only one who could see the foods it would really be nice though if other pets could see it

thanks to the ff people:
the ventilation and stove - thanks to paola_15
subtle flower wallpaper - from diane :D

wow. diane so luck.. last time her dad got a credit card that isnt in use anymore cause according to her dad the ATM would only be allowed to withdraw SR/$1000 cash (i think)

so her dad gave his credit card to diane and diane use it to buy coins .. $30 (something) and get 30,000 coins..

luckily Diane gave me a subtle wallpaper to share her luck

ROOM 6 - the anything-goes-here room

luxurious chair- thanks to wendy
bamboo plant & window- from wendy
antique door- from wendy

ROOM 5 - Bathroom

strawberry mat - thanks to agnes

-currently saving up some money-

(tutorial: how to get a rubber duckie w/o opening an MB) - not a cheat

ROOM 4- The Princess Room

turkey doll - traded with jill
robot and teddy bear - thanks to Marah
colorful clock - thanks to wendy

Room 1 - Sala

school portrait - traded w/ someone
lux chair - thanks to wendy
piano - thanks to jim-ba-bob
jukebox- thank to glecely
gold chandelier - thanks to glecely
flourishing bush- thanks to wendy
biggest brain bust- traded w/ someone
elegant door- thanks to jim-ba-bob
subtle flower wallpaper - thanks to paola_15

Room 2 - Dinning Area

red executive chair- thanks to wendy
wallpaper- thanks to wendy
concentric wallpaper - thanks to wendy
3 dinning chairs (white and leather)- thanks to glecely
globe- thanks to wendy
modern rug- thanks to the lil sister of laila
beach floor boards- thanks to wendy

for the wedding dress, bridal tiara and bracelet

OMG! super shock to see so many gifts in my door!
all from one person....


THANK A LOT!! *sniff*

on my next blog entry:

Pet Society Story ~watch out for it

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