just got back

-- a n o t h e r c o p y c a t---
and oh... my friends told me also the someone copied my design in arranging the furniture in pet society .. (i wont tell the name of who it is..)
they thought that they were on my house but when they check who it was and it was another person..

even in pet society still want to copy me?

---a n o t h e r t o p i c---

shall start up with a decent blog entry

tomorrow would be our Mini Olympics (Jan 05-07) and me and my friends planned to watch movies if we got nothing to do.. or play uno, scrabble or cards.. i think we will have lots of fun

and oh yeah.. we'll gonna receive our jersey tomorrow.. and the thing that i regret so much was that i haven't ordered a jacket cause at first i though the jacket would not look nice but in the end some of my class got a jacket and its freakin cool!! at the back there was a crown on the name of our section and at the pockets would be our nick names

if i can turn back the time .. im gonna order one and my nickname would be: kyuusho wahaha!

on Januray 2, 2008 was the birth of my new laptop i so love it! ~the color of it is hot pink. i think its the latest vaio laptop.. you stroke the back of the laptop and theres a light coming out and the end of it... and i just loveeeee! the pink keyboard!!! im gonna show the picture by tomorrow.

right now my laptop is still with my dad cause he just install some basic softwares like encarta and microsoft etc... .. i dont mind at all anw..

when i woke up this morning is was really cold but i still manage to take a bath anw. When i got outside it was like 100 times worse.. good thing i had a scarf with me since the weather has been like this for like 4 days already

when i got to school my friends also got the same feeling i had but my friend laila got an unusual one the other night and it made me laugh.

(last night was really cold too.. and i thought i like winter.. !bah.. i change my mind)

why? according to her. last night was one damn cold day (which is true) .. she said she wore a shorts + 2 pajamas .. a shirt + jacket.. a bonnet a mittens.. and was still shivering when they chat with isay.. that time. i was wearing shorts and t-shirt listening to my ipod shivering when answering my math project ... im lazy to wear jacket cause i can concentrate really hard on my project if i wear one.. and it doesn't really bother me since we had a heater here haha!

anw.. gonna blog more tomorrow.

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