Mini Olympics '09

my new vaio laptop .. im not really used to type using a laptop but ill get used to it eventually.. it looks much more nicer in personal .. the picture is like that cause of the light

our last minute answering in our math project. that time we are all in a huge cram cause some are shouting and running around trying to find an answer for this number or anything haha..

---back to mini olympics day 1---

Diane won as champion in chess also Heaven in table tennis! woooh!

January 2, 2008

lets turn back the time cause i forgot to blog about it.

this is a gift for my monita .. she wants the bulldog stuff toy at IKEA but decided to buy her this instead

pencil holder i bought for myself. i loveeee it

for my phone. (though i dont really use it that much)

here is some gifts i bought for my friends. i got bankrupt after i bought all this

the panda thing is for laila since she likes panda so much.. when we were giving out gifts also my friend gave her a panda things too

wrapping all the gifts

message gift cards i bought all 9 of 'em

receive this gift from isabel ; i soo love it!

this one from emerald

-its a scarpbook material

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