Thank You! & some ps updates

i just wanna say a public thank you to:


she totally made my day!.. she deserves the thanks and all so kind and nice .. im still shock and still haven't recovered from it.

so wanna thank her for giving me a jukebox , modern chair (thanks a lot for the chair.. im dinning set is complete), for the GMBs, racoon and the pink bonnet!

Thanks a lot sis!

P/S: to those who think my pet is rich .. well.. my pet is not rich. she got the worse addiction of buying mystery boxes and that what makers her poor.. i got most of my stuffs from my friends and generous players in pet society


heres some pet society updates. they change their setting last jan 9, 2008

- can now put your tv in the chest and can put anywhere in rooms
- foods can now be put in shelves, tables, etc.
- new items available in GMBs (see last post for new item's pics)
- save and quite function (even without pressing it your game will still be saved)
- report abuse function


i've just realized that other pets cant see the foods you place in your shelves.. so its actually quite useless..

cause i just put them there for design and not for eating

(will update this later with a picture)

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