Why is there's no shoes like this in Forever21 philippines (屮゚Д゚)屮 ONLY HEELS and LONG BOOTS! who wears boots in a tropical country and humid weather anyway?! ( ゚Д゚)

Its damn frustrating and and i don't wear heels! the shoes is only $9.80, in peso its only 428.90 damn cheap right?? this is why i love F21


  1. I see those shoes all the time! In various stores. ^^

  2. Those shoes are cutee~ We don't have F21 here :( But I heard their quality is a bit on the shabby side :\

  3. @Jessia:

    oh no =( i though its sturdy, i guess that explains the price of the shoe

  4. I love those shoes too. :(

    Everyone is so addicted to F21. I don't really get why. O.o

  5. The shoes is very pretty. :) Perfect for jeans or shorts :D

  6. omg that shoe is so pretty!!!! i wanna have it D:
    i wonder does singapore has it.... T-T

  7. Lurrve the shoes... About the quality.. com'n... I don't think I'm gonna have this pair do a heavy work.. lol... ^.^ You are actually right about the boots... though I still see people use boots in Phil on a summer day.. O.o

  8. cute ng mga gnyang shoes :) pero i like Keds shoes :3

  9. heys,
    i didn't even know that an awesome store like f21 existed before i went to singapore last year
    i think there aren't any f21's in germany/ europe >.<

    as for the lollipop
    i got the first version of it and there is a new one already, but even that is quite obsolete now >.<
    if you want a new phone I would look for a newer cute korean phone !^^
    actually I was searching for another cute phone recently, but didn't find any... well if I should find one, I'd have to buy it myself, because I know that my parents won't agree to buy it for me xD

  10. they have it here, you want me to send it to you? haha

  11. @pailin:
    OMG.. are you serious? ಥ⌣ಥ

  12. @Pailin:
    I don't know what to say (゚д゚)

    I really don't know how you would be able to sent it here but just by saying that im really thankful! (´∀`)

  13. I can just sent it to your address right?? i don't know... :)


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