Day 02 - What you did today

Bought a black shirt at forever21, since we have to wear it on Wednesday for our C sharp subject. Its quite a bummer... this week is pretty hectic for me...

On wednesday:
1. Quiz in Math and C sharp
2. Deadline for my 4 reading logs

- It may look like doing reading logs is easy but its not....

Also, I'm quite amused that our humanities professor decided that we should dress up for valentines next week. She told us girls to wear red shirt and bring chocolates and give it to someone in our class as for the boys, they have to wear white shirt and bring flowers and give it to someone. Im sorry what? i think its fun though but i only have 1 red shirt and i think its in the laundry. -.-

(gonna edit this post tomorrow... with pictures)

off to sleep. have a lot of school work to do tomorrow.


  1. wow i love all those challenges in your blog! where did you get' em? :D

  2. i wanna see that black shirt you bought at forever21.. forever21 is like every girl's bestfriend if youre lookin for any outfit to wear in a certain occasion. lol goodluck with your school stuff.. and wow whats with your humanities professor? kinda funny.. LOL

  3. Best of luck this week, looks like you're really busy! I'm going to have a boring week... wish I could do all that work for you haha.

    I don't have any red shirts! They stand out way too much. Your professor is so weird! Can't wait to see how that goes though... sounds very funny.


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