Day 1 - Photo of me and 5 facts

A recent photo of me and no, i didn't get a haircut, half of my hair is hidden at the back. That's just the 1st layer of my hair (`・ω・´)

5 Facts

1. I pretty much cuss and swear online (twitter) rather than on real life.

2. I can't write a pen without its cap, is that weird or its just me?

3. I hate the stench of smokers

4. I am a very stubborn person

5. I hate eating nuts

P/S: This challenge is actually a 15 facts about yourself and not 5 facts. I change it a bit hehehe.


  1. Oh challenges! I love when other people do these challenges and actually put effort into it like you do. Some people I know just half-arse it and don't even try answering all the questions properly. I like that it lets you learn more about a person's personality. I have done only about one or two of these challenges in my life but then got bored.

    My hair's pretty short. I used to have longer layered hair and I loved it, but I got really sick of that hairstyle after a few years. xP

    I think it's just you, I can write OK without the pen having a cap. Some people just prefer other pens. I also hate smokers too, they shouldn't smoke so much in public because it affects others.

    RE: Oh gosh at least you got your phone back, but your mum must have taught you a real valuable lesson with that! Now I've learned my lesson from my great loss, I can only hope that the police can do something about it. :|

  2. Wow, a challenge, I wonder how'd you put that all up ^^ I like your hair I wish my hair was curly and not straight hhhaa anyway, I'm same with you I'm having a hard time writing on a paper with a ballpen with no cap i don't know the cause, I also hate smokers ^^

  3. OH my gosh...you know who your picture reminds me of? Have you seen the K-drama "Mary Stayed Out All Night"? Well, you look like the lead actress, Moon Geun Young, who plays Mary. Maybe it's just me, but you remind me of her in this picture~

    love your hair~

  4. @ Mixzy Ezura:

    you can always get a digital perm if you want ur hair curly like what i did :) and omoggg! its not only me yeyyyy! :') i just dont like writing a pen without its cap.. i feel like its incomplete or something hahaha :))


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.