A visit to San Agustin Church

Last month, i took the liberty to visit one of Philippines' tourist spot, the San Agustin Church and Museum because i have to write a reaction paper about it.

It's not that i went to visit just because of my reaction paper, i just thought it would be cool to go to church for once it's been like 7 months since i last attended a mass or even a church visit and yeah, to be honest, I'm not much of a church goer.

San Agustin Church and the Museum is located at Intramuros, Manila which is like a walled city. Constructed during the Spanish colonial period.

My blockmates at my class told me that there are lots of foreigners especially Korean and yeah, there were only few americans (i think) but there where a lot of koreans.

My initial reaction when i first saw the church was it was so beautiful, i think i was having an emotional time and i almost cried.

The first thing that really caught my eye was the door. When i saw the doors, i feel like i've seen it somewhere.... i was really trying to remember where i saw it cause it felt like deja vu or something but its weird since it was my first time visiting the church. So i moved one and enter the museum, paid my entrance fee and walk through the hallway of the San Agustin museum.

I was having like deep thinking (is that a word? lol), taking pictures, breathing in and out.... i just troubled me how this place is sooooo familiar then when i finished starting at the paintings, i walked straight infront of the long hallway gaze at the surroundings and that was the time that it hit me, it hit me so hard i almost got a mindgasm or something hahaha!!!

Now i know why the place looks so similar, this is where they film Romantic Island, which i made a blog entry about it, i was a very big fan of the movie, i recognize only a few places which they featured in the movie like the Greenbelt (which is where the socialite shop)

the scene where Jae-Hyuk (real name: Lee Seon-Gyun) went to visit his step-sister cause his father died and hired Soo-Jin (real name: Lee Su-Kyeong) to be his fake employee.

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